Access validating advice for dating a single parent

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Keep in mind that Access supports two sets of wildcard characters: ANSI-89 and ANSI-92.

Each of those standards uses a different set of wildcard characters.

By default, all .accdb and files use the ANSI-89 standard.

Echo Link opens a world of new communications possibilities by joining Amateur Radio stations over the Internet.

The form rule is applied, and then the table rule is applied.

If the table is more restrictive than the form, the rule defined for the table field takes precedence.

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However, when you enable the Required property and a user fails to enter a value, Access displays a somewhat unfriendly error message.This is to ensure that only licensed Amateurs have access to the system, and to ensure that each user is using a valid callsign that he or she is authorized to use.There are several different ways you can provide proof of license. The various options will be explained on the pages that follow.For more information about data types, field sizes, and input masks, see the article Introduction to data types and field properties.You can define validation rules for table fields and for controls on forms.

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